Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'Tis the season for the wheezin'!

So, it's allergy season again. This year, we decided to celebrate by getting Theron tested for specific allergies. About 6 weeks ago, I flat-out asked his doctor to do the damn test since autistic children are known to have far more food and environmental sensitivities than the average child. Lo and behold, the blood test came back "high positive". That's the point where my stomach sank.

Per the blood test, my boy was showing reactions to:
Egg White
Cat Dander
Dust Mites (listed as Derm Farinae)
Dog Dander
Mold Spores (listed as Alternaria Tenuis)
Per the grid test he had done on Monday, he showed reactions to:

Tree Pollens: Eastern 8 Mix
Eastern Oak Mix
Elm Mix
Maple/Box Elder mix
Hickory/Pecan Mix

Grasses: GS 7 Grass Mix

Weeds: Ragweed Mix
Rough Pigweed
Lamb's Quarter
Dog Fennel

Inhalants: Mite Mix

Epidermals: Cat Epithelium

Fungi: Alternaria
Aspergillus Mix

Foods: Peanut
Fish Mix

So, the allergist put him on Zyrtec (which he'd been on before the testing) and Singulair and we follow up in 6 weeks to begin immunotherapy shots. Right now the main restrictions are environmental; he can't go outside on days when the pollen levels are high, we have to damp-dust every day, and he can't be around perfumes or smoke. Because his allergies affect his asthma, he has a standing prescription for Albuterol and can't use most soaps, perfumes or lotions. We use castile soap for him, or Dove Sensitive in a pinch. We use single source oils (Vitamin E, Jojoba or Olive) after his showers and DermaSmooth when his eczema acts up.

All of this has been relayed to the kids' father, aunt, grandmother and former stepmother, so here's hoping that they're able to keep up with the routine. I realize that it's a lot to handle if you're not used to it, but once you get the first major cleaning done, the rest is just maintenance.

In the meantime, I'm requesting a blood test for gluten and casein allergies, as per the allergists recommendation. Heaven help us if any of that comes back as reactive. He adores milk and pasta!