Friday, February 4, 2011

It's love.

Jilly Bean, our little rex bunny, is one of the most uplifting parts of our family's day. She's sweet, silly and happy, with a personality all her own. She never fails to make us all smile.

Well, today I decided to put a belled, breakaway cat collar on her in order to keep track of her whereabouts. (She has full run of the livingroom but can get into the back of the house since she's small enough to squeeze through the bars of the hall gate.) Oh, she did NOT appreciate that one bit! After being fitted with the collar, I set her down and she was a flurry of hopping and kicking (a bun's way of showing annoyance) and scratching at the collar. So, like the good bunny mama that I am, I took pictures. With my phone. Because that's how I roll.

"Not cool, ma. Not. Cool."

She got over it pretty quickly and went to check out her toys. Then I went and rearranged stuff, which always catches her interest. After a little while, I realized that the collar doesn't do anything but get the cats and dogs worked up, so Jeff and I took it off. After quite a while spent primping (probably to counteract the abject humiliation we'd subjected her to), she stretched,

And then settled into a fuzzyhoverbun and promptly fell asleep.

D'awwww! (Yes, bunnies sleep with their eyes open. Freaky.)