Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, brother.

So, tomorrow begins a new chapter for Erilyn. She's decided to go back to brick & mortar schools and we got a hardship transfer approved so that she can attend Theron's school. Now, this is amazing for her as well as us but we have no idea how Theron will be able to handle knowing she's there and not being able to play with her. It's made worse by the fact that she's such a great sister and actually likes to help out and spend time with him. I guess we'll just see how it goes.

She has the choice of attending Strings, Chorus or General Music and she's choosing GM in order to keep her experience low key. Hey, I can't complain about that. The kid has enough going on, you know?

My only concerns are going to be Spanish. She took French for 3 years and Spanish for a half year and is coming into this pretty late in the game. I want her to be ready for 6th grade but I know she'll struggle with Spanish due to both the lack of experience and the fact that she prefers French anyway. Another "wait and see" thing, I guess.

I'm excited but I still feel like I'm holding my breath. After all of the bullying and administrative issues on top of her medical issues, I can't help but hope for the best while preparing for the worst. I know that some things will be a non-issue (the AP at this school HATES bullying and the school has won so many awards that they're running out of room to display them all) but some things are totally out of our control. Those are what scare me the most.

A parent never stops worrying, right?